Digital Cordless Auto-Counting 2-way Interchangeable Skipping Rope


Cordless Auto-counting 2-way interchangeable skipping Rope, adjustable length.


  • Built-in digital counter for Celeries burnt, Distance in Kilometres and Miles
  • One re-set button and one switch mode button.
  • Interchangeable designs for 2-way use. Easy to swap between the balls and rope.
  • Cordless design perfectly suited for use in a limited space or for junior, beginner users without worrying about tripping.
  • 360-degree smooth rotation
  • Adjustable length, suitable for both adult and children


  • Ball Diameter 45mm, Ball weight 30g
  • Rope length: 2.8m
  • Rope diameter: 5mm
  • Handle length 170mm, diameter 30mm
  • handles weight: 150g

Two colours available: Blue, Pink

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