Reusable Gel Hot & Cold Therapy Headache Stress Relax Pain Relief Mask Cap


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In our modern busy life, most people get stress and anxiety lead to constant headache. Our cap is a perfect present for yourself, your partner, parents, relatives, friends, and even work colleagues.


  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM MIGRAINE: The Migraine Relief Ice Pack combines the benefits of cryotherapy and cold compression therapy to effectively relieve chronic migraines, headaches, sinusitis, tension, puffy eyes, and pressure, and reduce swelling and inflammation. This is the ideal migraine relief product for those with frequent headaches/migraines.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The Migraine Ice Head Cover is made of stretchy Lycra fabric and medical-grade gel. It is comfortable and durable, non-toxic, skin-friendly, and completely safe, can be reused many times, remains completely soft even straight out of the refrigerator, effectively replaces the inconvenience of ice packs, and is the perfect natural alternative to other medical treatments.
  • COLD OR HEAT THERAPY: The gel migraine cap can be frozen for cold therapy or microwave heating therapy. Heat therapy is used for tension headaches, and cold therapy reduces headaches, puffiness, sinus headaches, and stress. For hot compresses, to ensure the longevity of the product, the heating time should not exceed 60 seconds. For cold packs, a 1-hour freeze can be used for 30 minutes for immediate pain relief.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The 3D ergonomically designed migraine relief ice pack 360° perfectly covers the head, preventing eye pressure, V-shaped fit to the nose, providing tight compression pressure and more cold penetration to relieve migraine and headache. The Migraine Relief Cap can also be used as an eye mask, which can effectively help you block light and relieve eye swelling.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT AND FLEXIBLE: The flexible ergonomically shaped headache relief cap accurately conforms to the contours of any head size, directly targeting problematic areas such as temples, forehead, sides, back of neck, and eyes. With no inconvenient hook-and-loop fasteners or adjustable shoulder straps, whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, don’t worry about slipping and enjoy a hands-free cold treatment.

Available colours: Black, Pink, Purple, and Blue.

Material: Cotton, Gel

Size: 17x22cm

Weight: 230g


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Black, Pink, Purple, Blue


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